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Handheld Radiation detectors


Do you know whether you're getting exposed to radiation that could be harmful? Since the RDX-2 detects minute quantities of gamma, beta, or X-rays, it is as sensitive as the £1000 professional devices while still being tiny enough to carry anywhere. The Geiger-Muller tube for the unit detects all gamma and beta isotopes, including cesium and iodine, emitted by nuclear power reactors. It is perfect for identifying environmental and industrial contaminants and for Homeland Security. It is possible to use it to check for radiation in food, water, and the air. The RDX-2 is a non-technical device with simple one-button operation and an extremely sensitive 200VDC Geiger-Muller tube detector.

Display Range: 0-1000µSv/hr and 0-100 mR/hr

Alert: Meter gives audible alarm when Radiation approaches 50mR/hr or 500µSv/hr

Sound: 3 CPM/0.03mR/h (background) and 100 counts per minute (CPM) /0.2mR/h

Chirps (clicks) for each gamma or Beta detected