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Mini Dilution Kit

SKU 487202

Use a Dilution Kit (Part number 487202) if you are expecting (or getting) a higher result than a test method allows to read. This dilution kit can be used with a Photometer (such as the eXact iDip) or on any of our visual test kits.

Let's say you are reading high (HI) on Chlorine and after using our Dilution kit to prepare a 1:20 dilution, you get a result of 3.10 ppm. All you need to do is multiply the result by the dilution factor. 3.10 x 20 = 62 ppm.

The dilution kit can be used repeatedly to continue bringing your result down. With dilutions - always try to aim your diluted water sample to be in the middle of the testing range of the procedure you are testing with. Let's say you have a Chlorine testing range of 0-12 ppm. Shoot for your diluted water sample to be somewhere in the middle of the testing range, not the maximum of the range. That way you will get the better results. For example. You think your Chlorine solution is around 120 ppm. To test it with the eXact iDip, use a diltution of 1:40 to get your estimated Chlorine sample to around 120/40 = 3 ppm.

For increased accuracy also try to use the greatest original sample size that is possible. To achieve a dilution factor of 1:40, you can use 
A. 1 ml of original sample and then top it off to the 40 ml line with distilled water (better)
B. 0.5 ml of original sample and then top it off to the 20 ml line with distilled water

Both will give a 1:40 dilution, however, version A is preferable as it will return more repeatable results.

Many dilution factors can be achieved with this kit and full instructions can be found inside. Some of the factors you can get with this kit can be found below:


The Mini Dilution Kit contains 1 of each: 50mL Graduated Cylinder with cap, 2.5mL syringe, dilution instructions.