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eXact® Strip Micro Chloride

SKU 486757

eXact® Strip Micro Chloride III Reagent strip comes in a bottle with 25 strips used in the eXact® Photometers.

Can be used to detect Chloride in drinking water (e.g. if you have a water softener) as well as in swimming pools using Chloride as part of the disinfection system.

Note: For checking high levels of Chloride/Salt in swimming pools (anything above 335 ppm) you will also need a Mini Dilution Kit II (Part number 487202). Please find detailed instructions here:

Chloride High for eXact iDip
Chloride High for Pool eXact EZ (Page 20)
Chloride High for eXact Micro 20 (Page 23)


Contains: 25 tests

Detection range depends on the photometer. Check on the relevant eXact® meter page.

Suitable for the following eXact® photometers:

  • eXact® iDip®
  • eXact® iDip 570
  • eXact® Micro 20
  • Pool eXact® EZ
  • eXact® Eco-Check

Made in USA