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eXact® Reagents Micro Metals

SKU 486604

eXact® Reagents Micro Metals comes as a dropper bottle for 25 tests used in the eXact® Photometers. Detects the total content of metals (with a +2 valence) in water such as Copper (Cu+2), Iron (Ferrous Iron +2), Lead (Pb+2), Nickel (Ni+2), Zinc (Zn+2), Manganese (Mn+2), Cobalt (Co+2), Mercury (Hg+2), Cadmium (Cd+2) and others.

Contains: 25 tests

Detection range depends on the photometer. Check on the relevant eXact® meter page.

Suitable for the following eXact® photometers:

  • eXact® iDip®
  • eXact® iDip 570
  • eXact® Micro 20

Made in USA