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eXact® Eco-Check Photometer

SKU 486798

The eXact® Eco-Check is a powerful dual-wavelength photometer system. It tests important environmental parameters with lab-quality accuracy at minimal cost. It features a narrow band wavelength filter for improved accuracy; long-life LEDs and a built-in cell for ultra-performance. No visual color matching required means the eXact® Eco-Check takes the guesswork out of water testing.

Pre–programmed to test 11 water quality parameters with lab–quality accuracy
Fast, accurate results with EZ-3 Method
2–year warranty
Operates with 4 x AAA batteries (not included).
No calibration needed.

Comes as METER ONLY (486798) or as eXact® Eco-Check Photometer Kit (486798-K)

METER ONLY (486798):

Packed in a clear plastic bag, including:

- eXact® Eco-Check Photometer  
- Cleaning brush
- Instruction Manual
- Mixing Cap

Configure your own perfect kit! There's space for up to 10 reagents to be fitted inside the kit. Go to Reagents section to choose!