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eXact® Strip Micro Total Alkalinity Range Extender

SKU 486665

eXact® Strip Micro Total Alkalinity Range Extender is a supplementary strip that can only be used if you already have eXact® Strip Micro Total Alkalinity. It comes in a bottle with 100 strips used in the eXact® Photometers. Use the Range Extender strip to extend a test range on your instrument for Total Alkalinity.

If you read "HI” on your meter, add one eXact® Strip Micro AL Range Extender. More than one strip may be used per test. Be sure to count how many strips are used. Each strip adds 130 ppm to the final result. For example: The first result reads “HI”, after dipping one AL Range Extender strip result reads 93 ppm. Final result would be calculated as 223 ppm (130 + 93 = 223).

Contains: 100 strips

Detection range: Adds 130 ppm for each strip used to Total Alkalinity Reading.

Suitable for the following eXact® photometers:

  • eXact® iDip®
  • eXact® iDip 570
  • eXact® Micro 20
  • Pool eXact® EZ
  • Spa eXact® EZ
  • Well eXact® EZ
  • eXact® Eco-Check

Made in USA