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Acrylic Calibration Key for iDip/EZ meters

SKU 480908

The Acrylic Calibration Key (Part number 480908) is a quick and easy way to confirm (verify) your photometer is functioning within factory specifications hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly (according to your frequency of using the Acrylic Calibration Key).

The Calibration key is reusable as many times as you want.

NOTE. The Calibration Key only verifies the calibration of your meter and does not actually calibrate the instrument. All of our photometers are factory calibrated and no calibration is required or possible throughout the lifetime of the meter. This calibration key is used to make sure your instrument functions the same at Day 1 from purchase as it will do on Day 100 and Day 1000 and so on.

Used in the following photometers:

  • eXact iDip
  • eXact iDip 570
  • Pool eXact EZ
  • Spa eXact EZ
  • Well eXact EZ
  • Chlorine+ eXact EZ