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Did you know that Chlorine goes bad over time?

Did you know that Chlorine goes bad over time?

Even very strong Chlorine such as house-hold bleach can deteriorate over a few months' time and lower concentrations can go out of shape in days. If you are using chlorine as a disinfectant or sanitzer, make sure you test the level before every use.

 Testing your solution:

  1. Dip one test strip into a water sample for 1 second.
  2. Remove the strip and shake once (away from face), briskly, to remove excess water.

  3. Wait 1 minute.

  4. Match to the color chart below. Complete color matching within 15 seconds.


  • Easy-read color blocks ensure accuracy
  • No dilution required
  • Laboratory quality results reduce liability
  • Approved for use in child care centers
  • Safe, non-hazardous, easy-to-use

Test kits:

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